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Artificial intelligence in law

help keyRAVN Systems, experts in Enterprise Search, Unstructured Big Data analytics, Knowledge Management and Cognitive Computing technology, feature in this week’s BBC Tech Tent podcast on the subject of Artificial Intelligence Technology within the Legal industry. First broadcast on Friday, RAVN’s CTO, Jan Van Hoecke, discusses a new application of RAVN’s Applied Cognitive Engine with BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones, and Matthew Whalley - Head of Berwin Leighton Paisner’s new Legal Risk Practice.

RAVN Govern, powered by RAVN’s Applied Cognitive Engine intelligently assesses the risk levels in individual contracts, and reports individual and aggregate risk exposure before contracts are signed. This could revolutionise businesses contract governance and risk profiling – highlighting areas of significant and attritional loss – and significantly reducing sign-off delays.

In a broader sense, RAVN’s Applied Cognitive Engine allows you to take the next leap in information retrieval and offers a range of possibilities that were previously unthinkable. The Applied Cognitive Engine brings technologies from the fields of Information Processing and Artificial Intelligence together in a coherent, corporate-ready solution stack. Beyond the foundations of a powerful document search engine, the Applied Cognitive Engine focuses on extracting and distilling the information, risk and value contained within documents.

To listen to BBC’s Tech Tent featuring RAVN Systems and Berwin Leighton Paisner please visit (from 21minutes):

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