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News - Certificate of competence launched for forensic experts

The Royal Anthropological Institute together with the British Association for Forensic Anthropology and the Forensic Science Regulator have established a new professional standard for expert witnesses in Forensic Anthropology.
Gaille Mackinnon Chair of the British Association for Forensic Anthropology said “investigative authorities and the criminal justice system can now be assured they are engaging with forensic anthropologists who have been independently certified to an appropriate level of expertise via a rigorous quality assurance process.”
The certification process has three levels
Level Fa 1
The highest level indicates a highly experienced forensic anthropologist who has independent credibility with the profession and the criminal justice system.
Level Fa 2
Indicates a forensic anthropologist who is competent to practice with limited or no experience of high profile or complex court room situations.
Level Fa 3
Indicates someone who is competent in basic skills but who may not have experience of active court work.
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