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Government accused of censoring expert witness report into HS2 rail project

Transport ministers have been accused of suppressing the findings of an internal enquiry by the Major Projects Authority (MPA) using “exceptional” power of veto to block the report being made public.
The report is believed to have raised serious questions about the project. The experts who compiled the report gave it an “amber/red” warning on their traffic light assessment scale.
David Pitchford, former head of the Major Projects Authority said the full concerns of those giving expert opinion had never been disclosed. The Information Commissioner ordered the findings to be made public last year but last Thursday Patrick McLoughlin, the Transport Secretary, vetoed last year’s findings being made public.
There has only been a handful of occasions when information requested under the Freedom of Information Act been vetoed. The campaign manager for Stop HS2 said “there has been an agenda from the government to deceive MP’s and the public with spin and dismiss any information showing how bad the HS2 project is.”
Sebastian Giles for Expert Witness Today

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