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Final expert evidence session on the role of the Prime Minister

The House of Commons Political and constitutional reform Committee are holding their final expert evidence session on the role and powers of the Prime Minister. The session will take place today with the contribution of expert witnesses:  Dr Richard Heffernan, Reader in Government and Open University Professor Peter Hennessy, Professor of Contemporary British History, Queen Mary University of London
Since the launching of the Committee in 2011 there have been a number of developments including the Fixed term Parliaments Act in 2011,the Cabinet manual publication in October 2011 and the referendum bill on independence for Scotland 2011.
The Committee is looking into the prerogative powers, role within coalition government, organisation of office and the Prime Ministers role with regard to devolved administrations.
To view the associated publication/report in full click on the link below: 
Sebastian Giles-Expert Witness Today

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