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Expert witnesses paid large sums of money in court room stand-off between Apple and Samsung

Expert witnesses are being paid large sums of money by Apple and Samsung in their legal battle regarding the dispute over copyright infringement.
One of the expert computer scientists acting for Apple has been earning 500 dollars per hour and Samsung has employed an expert witness on over 900 dollars per hour.
The damages expert for Apple has been paid 2.3 million dollars for his work leading up to the trial.
As the trial unfolds expert witnesses hired by Samsung testified that Samsung hasn’t infringed Apple’s patents. Kevin Jeffay, a Professor of Computer Science said that Apple’s 647 quick links patent is more limited than the company claims.
The experts said there was no evidence of commercial success linked to the patents.
It is 2 years since Samsung and Apple faced each other in another patent dispute and they have returned to the same Californian courtroom to do battle again.
Apple is arguing that Samsung infringed five of its patents for the Iphone and Apple is due 2 billion dollars for that infringement. Samsung wants 7 million dollars for infringing two of its software patents.
Sebastian Giles reporting for Expert Witness Today.

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