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Expert Witness testifies against Pharmaceutical Company in 9 billion dollar award

Pharmaceutical expert witness Dr.Robert Cuntiz testifies against international drugs company Takeda Pharmaceutical Ltd and Eli Lily and Co at a trial in the United States.
Two women have filed against the drugs company who make the drug Actos, claiming their bladder cancer was caused by the medication and the company had known about the potential risks of the drug for years.
Expert witness Dr.Cunitz said the women “could not have protected themselves from the risks of the drug because information about bladders cancer was not presented in away to attract attention to itself and there was no adequate and effective warning.”
The women’s lawyers are seeking multibillion dollar damages.
Today the United States jury for the case ordered Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd to pay 6 billion dollars in punitive damages and Eli Lilly and Co to pay 3 billion in a case claiming that cancer risks to the diabetes drug Actos were concealed, the plaintiffs' lawyer said.
The lawyer, Mark Lanier, said there was "stunned silence" in the packed courtroom following the announcement of the damages.
The jury in Lafayette, Louisiana also ordered the payment of 1.475 million dollars in compensatory damages in the suit.
Takeda's shares in Tokyo tumbled 8.4 percent to 4,415 yen following news of the verdict.
It is thought additional claims from other countries including the UK ( the drug is wiedley used by the NHS) are now to follow.
Sebastion Giles – Expert Witness Today, from Nevada, United States.

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