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Expert witness evidence questioned in 7/7 bomber appeal

The Court of Appeal is looking into claims that Manfo Asiedu, one of those convicted of the 7/7 bombings was jailed because of “unsound” expert witness evidence.
Manfo Asiedu’s lawyers claim that Stuart Black, who prepared evidence that was “not considered to be of sufficient quality” according to a senior scientist at the Forensic Explosives Laboratory.
Sean Doyle the scientist in question alerted his superiors and the police about serious forensic errors that could lead to a miscarriage of justice.
Asiedu’s lawyers also pointed out that emails dated Nov 2007 between Black, forensic scientists and the police from the SO15 anti-terrorist branch showed there were serious misgivings about Black’s evidence.
In an expert witness statement prepared for the Court of appeal Doyle claimed that the methods used in Black’s analysis were “inappropriate for some of the conclusions he had derived”.
An earlier appeal last year was turned down by a Court of Appeal judge on the grounds that the defence knew Dr. Black had made mistakes and had apologised and remedied them and added that Black’s work had been peer reviewed and the defence had all the facts at their disposal when defending the case.
We are awaiting to hear the findings of the latest appeal.
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