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Expert Witness disputes evidence in animal cruelty case

Expert defence witness Veterinary surgeon Colin Vogel disputed evidence given by vets in the animal cruelty case at the Burton Wildlife and Animal Rescue Centre in Etwall.
The owner  Lindsay Newall was charged with causing unnecessary suffering to animals  after RSPCA and police raided the rescue centre.
Colin Voel said that the vets had written down the condition of  the  animals  months later from memory instead of on the day.  He also stated that weight loss in three horses was down to worms and that a buzzard which the RSPCA inspectors  said was in an unsuitable cage looked perfectly happy.  He also said that the pig Babe which died during the raid  had died because of the piglets suckling on it and that the piglets were fat and it was a mothers instincts to feed her piglets.
Sebastian  Giles for Expert Witness Today

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