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David Cameron's, brother applies for case to be thrown out because of cuts to legal aid

Expert witness neurologists refused to testify in a criminal prosecution because of cuts to their legal aid fees.
A total of 27 expert neurologists have declined to take on the work for a very complex fraud case because of the cuts to their fees. One expert witness from Scotland agreed to take on the work but because his travel expenses to London will not be paid he cannot attend.
The case was thrown out of court because the defendants were unable to get legal aid to pay for representation. This is highly embarrassing for the Ministry of Justice as it is Prime Minister David Cameron’s brother, Alex Cameron QC who applied for the case to be dropped.                                                                                                                             
Dr. Chris Pamplin, the editor of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses said  “ the ministry of justice had rooms full of people telling them this sort of thing would happen we asked the Ministry of Justice to focus on the way they used experts not just slash their fees “
David Cohen of the Academy of Experts added “they slashed rates by 10% and then by another 20%. If you want a criminal justice system it costs money.”
Nicola Hill, President of the London Criminal courts Solicitor’s Association said “This is another example of the damaging impact of The Ministry of Justice knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing”.
Sebastian Giles – Expert Witness Today

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